From the 1 -16 June, 2019, I will be taking part in the Surrey Artists open studios for the first time. I’ve done a couple of my own open houses before in the past and they have always gone really well but I have not taken part in a major open studios before. It’s good to try something new in order to reach out to a wider audience. I’m excited to have my house and studio open to the public. Day 2 is today and so far things have gone quite well. It has been mainly friends of mine turning up, brilliant as always at showing their support. Not as many new members of the public have come through the door as I’d hoped, but there’s still another 14 days to go, so maybe they will come gradually in dribs and drabs. Fingers crossed!

All the visitors I’ve had so far have been lovely and its been great to chat about my art to them. A few small purchases have been made and there’s promise for larger sales to lead off these in the future.

On Thursday 6 and 13 June I will be teaching workshops in my house too, something else I’ve never tried before. The workshop is called ‘Ink Pen and Watercolour Experimentation’. Looking forward to it. Should be fun!

Please come and visit me during the Open Studios, everybody welcome x