It is wonderful to be back in my studio. Even though I spent the first few days that the children were back at school, just sat on my swivel chair, staring into space and thinking ‘what the hell do I need to be doing?’  The down side of having such a long break. However, once I manged to get going I had a good spurt of creativity and I’m now back into full flow. In the back of my mind I know that I am taking park in an event at Cranleigh Arts Centre on the 1 Dec, so it’s nice to have that to work towards.

New painting in progress

Small framed hearts ready for Cranleigh Arts Centre
(originals, ink, acrylic and collage on canvas)

Small framed prints ready for Cranleigh Arts Centre

Mounted prints and mounted original oil paintings on canvas

The summer holidays were brilliant, I loved spending time with my children.  It seems the older they get the more I enjoy their company!  The weather was superb and meant we could get out and about and do so many fun things and catch up with all our friends and family.  The last 2 weeks we were down in the south of France with friends.


All About My Trapped Nerve

I didn’t get any work done, but then I didn’t expect to. Though this was mainly, not because of the children distracting me, they’ve actually learnt to play for hours on their own; Alex is addicted to his Lego and Anya will spend ages doing a mixture of art and writing, but because I was suffering from a trapped nerve in my shoulder.  It was so painful I had to walk around with an ice pack stuck down my back.  I couldn’t sleep at night and had to take strong pain killers to get by. The pain started off in my neck and went down towards my shoulder blade then down my right arm and into my hand and down the side of my thumb which felt permanently numb. My right arm became weak and useless and my left arm had to take over as my strong arm. All pretty stressful for an artist who is right handed.  I suspect the tiny movements of holding and manipulating a paint brush are entirely to blame which is also worrying.  Eventually it eased up a bit, (or I got used to the pain, I wasn’t sure which).  I had 3 sessions with a physiotherapist which helped a bit.  Still, even now, my right arm feels weak and I still haven’t regained the feeling in my thumb. Maybe I will have some permanent nerve damage there, but hopefully not. Luckily it does not seem to be hampering me as an artist.

Teaching at Inner Art Tuition Studio, Reigate

Last Saturday I taught my first one on one art session at the Inner Art Tuition studio in Reigate and absolutely loved it.  I had a lovely 10 year old student who was enthusiastic and very talented with the water colours. She is hoping to get an art scholarship, to one of the private schools in the area for next September.  I will endeavour to help her to achieve this ambition. The Inner Art Studio is a wonderful space to teach in and all the equipment is available to use. Thank you to Katie Beth Hooper for the opportunity to teach there and I really look forward to my next session.

If you’d like to commission a painting for Christmas, please get in touch with your requests, so that I can make a start and get them finished in plenty of time for you. Email me,

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