Yesterday, I had a wonderful visit to ‘Inner Art Tuition’ in Reigate.  Invited there by artist and art teacher Katie Beth Hooper, who founded the centre in March 2017. We had a chat about what they do at Inner Art Tuition.  It’s a very arty space where lots of teaching takes place, in may forms, from one-on-one tuition to group workshops and short courses over the holidays. Tuition is available for all ages and many children and adults come though the doors.  In September I am delighted to say I will be hopefully taking on some of that teaching. I feel very inspired to have met Katie.  I really want to get more involved with the local arts community and meet more like minded people.  It can be very lonely working on my own in my studio all day, so I’m hoping this will be an opportunity to network both with other artist and those in the local area who love and appreciate art.