The weather is currently absolutely amazing.  Boiling hot and wall to wall blue sky and sunshine.  I had such an enjoyable week last week creating new paintings.  Not all are quite finished or uploaded to my website yet, but I am getting there.  I am very happy with what I produced which is the main thing.

Had a 3 hour round trip into London to deliver a commission to Shampers Wine Bar in Soho, owned by a very nice man called Simon. It’s a bit of a strange one, as it’s a second version of an already sold painting that remains hanging in Shampers, as, although the customer paid up in full for it, he has never returned to collect it, (yes very strange). Another of Simon’s wine bar regulars keeps wanting to buy it, so Simon asked me if I could have a go at ‘recreating’ it.  This is always incredibly tricky as most successful paintings just happen to work.  There’s no formula or process, its just hours of playing around, until I’m happy. Very difficult to repeat.  Anyway I took the painting in and it’s similar but not really the same as the original, the colours are brighter somehow and the foreground not as successful.  I think as a painting in its own right it might sell, but when hung up in the bar and compared to the original I don’t think it will.  We will have to just see!  Commissions always seem to come with lots of fun and games. Although of course, I am always more than happy to do them.

Enjoy the glorious weather!