Very pleased to be getting on with another large explosion commission, this one is 120 x 100cm and needs to be ‘multi-coloured’ with lots of lovely orange and red. It is so nice to be working in my studio during these warm and sunny days, natural light is in an abundance. This photo shows the stage of the painting before the ink has been added, then bleached away and finally gold Hammerite paint will be drizzled on. It is fun to build up the different layers and see the effects playing out on the canvas.

I made another sale via Etsy, a print this time of the Flower meadow Skull.  had to send it all the way to Mombasa, Kenya, which was very exciting. Likes and interest on Etsy seemed to have slowed a little recently, even though I try to consistently post new things on there.  The jury is still out as to how successful Etsy will be for me.  I feel it is worth persevering for now though.

My studio looks like this at the moment…

I always try to have a smart display wall for new paintings.  The area closest to the window is the ‘creation area’, where I like to paint and it all gets a bit messy.  The other end of my studio, the area I am sat in right now, is the ‘office area’, where I have a small desk and my laptop. So a small room is basically split into 3 sections, ‘make the paintings’, ‘display the paintings’ and ‘sell the paintings’.  I am very neat and tidy and organised for an artist.  I’m not OCD but I can’t work properly in a total mess.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, as my husband Ross and I are going away to Barcelona for three nights (child free!). We have been to this incredible city before, a few years ago and we had an amazing time and both loved the city.  I’m looking forward to seeing all that amazing Gaudi architecture once again and walking through the beautiful parks and seeing all the many buildings adorned with balconies. Fingers crossed the skies will be blue and bright for us in Barcelona!