Well, here I am back to it after a fantastic 2 week Easter holidays with the children, which included a trip to York and to Cornwall.  Of course I got very little work done, but that is only to be expected and it was lovely to be able to give so much time and attention to my little ones. I did have the exciting experience of making my first sale from my Etsy Store (www.etsy.com). The link to my store is https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ArtfulnessStore/items if you’d like to have a look. The painting above ‘September Day on Earlswood Lakes’ is the one that sold and despite being an original oil painting of a local scene, just up the road from where I live, the buyer was in fact from Gdansk, Poland. Felt quite nervous wrapping it in many layers of bubble wrap and cardboard, to make sure my first sale arrived safe and sound. Indeed it did and the buyer thanked me on my Instagram account AmieArtfulness.  Unfortunately he didn’t write a review on my Etsy page, which is a shame.  Traffic to my page started to increase though, lots more people ‘favourited’ my shop or items in my shop.  Then I made my second sale, this time a print of my flower meadow skull, to a buyer from Mombasa, Kenya! Very exciting indeed. Incidentally I also recently sold one of these prints to a friend on Facebook.  We were in the same A-level art class together at Farnborough 6th Form College, many years ago 1997-1999 I believe. Good old Facebook. Feeling thankful to be living in an age of all this social media, it really does help with sales of artwork.  just need to get better at it an stay on top of it!  I have also received some lovely comments on Etsy, particularly from a person living in California, who wrote of my large Bluebell Forest painting “Oh, I wish I was rich and had the wall space, this is stunning and like how I imagine heaven to be. I can’t buy your beautiful, lovely paintings but I wanted you to know that your paintings have become a new and wonderful escape for me.  You have a calling and you have answered it!  Thank you so much”.  Sometimes it’s not all about the money and comments like this are just what I need to keep me going.