My Office, March 2018

Getting bored, bored, BORED of winter.  This feels like the longest winter of my lifetime. Once again the poor daffodils in the garden were buried and wilted under the weight of ice and snow. The garden looks sad and cold. I’m longing to get out there and clean it all up. To plant some colour in the pots, repair the lawn and sweep up the rotten leaves. I want to once again look out the window, (even fling the window open without freezing blasts of wind coming in) and see green leaves on the trees and bright colours in the borders. Luckily inside the walls of my house, we have spring and summer all year round, with big colourful paintings hung up everywhere. I have no idea how other people manage to surround themselves with bare walls and be fine with that. There’s nothing I dislike more in a home than a bare wall. A beautiful painting can not only look amazing but also hide a multitude of sins. Just the other day I selected a small painting from my studio to cover up some greasy marks left on the wall from one of my children sticking a ‘sticky man’ on the wall.  No amount of washing up liquid and scrubbing get those ‘sticky man’ grease marks off, so up went a painting and problem solved!  It’s always lovely to have a bit of a rehang every now and again as well.  Quicker and cheaper than redecorating, you can bring a whole new feel to a room, just by changing the art work around, or hanging entirely new pieces.

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