Monday morning, got the children up, dressed, breakfasted and both to school on time (tick), walked Pepper, the lovely dog we’re looking after for friends, whist they are skiing in Norway (yes I’m very jealous) (tick), had a shower (tick), done 2 hours of painting/faffing (tick) and now it’s time to sit down and write a blog post!

Now on Friday I got nothing done because there were bad weather warnings (a little bit of snow) and the Children’s school decided to CLOSE for the day.  NOOOOOOOO! As all my work plans went down the drain, as I read this latest text message from the school office.  That means I’m very behind with the small mothers days paintings I wanted to get finished in time for, well Mothers day.  Will all be a bit rushed now.  I’ve been painting edges and signing them this morning. Oh well, the snow has finally all melted and the sun is even almost shining.  The woods, when I walked Pepper, I noticed, are layered with a carpet of bright green shoots, that will soon turn into a carpet of bluey purple bluebells. Spring is now on the horizon.

Some other great news, over the weekend, I have sold ‘Wild Flowers in Pink’, to a lovely family friend.  She sent me such a lovely message and her very words were “I mentioned to you how much I love ‘Wild Flowers in Pink’.  I feel that I can’t not look at it everyday. I want to ask if I can buy it from you?” How lovely is that?  Obviously I’m more than happy for her to buy this painting. I’ve red stickered it for her,- always a most satisfying of task.



Enjoy the sunshine everyone!