Amie Antoniak

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Amie Antoniak is a professional artist living in Reigate, Surrey with her husband Ross and 2 young children. After graduating from art college in Cardiff in 2003, with a BA Hons in Fine Art, Amie moved to York, where she opened her own art gallery ‘Artfulness’. For 5 years she successfully sold many of her own paintings as well as supporting lots of other local artists. Since having children, and making the move down south, Amie’s art has taken a bit of a back seat, although she has kept her hand in with exhibiting and selling at popular art fairs such as Reading and Windsor and through several local galleries. She has also continued to sell on line through her website and her Facebook page.

Amie’s paintings are colourful and bold, sometimes incorporating a textured surface. They depict meadows of wild flowers, forests, lakes or parks.  She uses her own photographs as a starting point for her inspiration but often abandons the photo to make the painting work in its own right. Amie says ‘I tend to paint with the changing of the seasons and particularly relish the variety that spring offers and the rich warm colours of autumn. I like using lots of contrast within my paintings to give a certain depth or drama’. The paintings are created in her studio at home which also doubles as a show room, for people to come and view her work

Since September of 2017, Amie has been able to resume her art practice on a more full-time basis, since her youngest child started school.  Her aim is to become well known as a professional artist in her local area.  Please contact Amie for more information on any of her paintings.